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Bus from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne

How to travel to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh airport

There is no bus at Ho Chi Minh airport. You need to get a taxi to Pham Ngu Lao - the main backpacker/tourist area in District 1. : Turn left as you walk out of the arrivals building and ignore all the touts hassling you to take a fixed price taxi - at the end of the pickup lane you can find a meter taxi, which will cost you half the price - around 150,000VND ($6USD).

Sinh Cafe departures daily at 7:30, 8:30 and 20:30 price from Ho Chi minh and 13:00 from Mui Ne. If you travel during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, price increase to 1 USD or 2 USD due to high demand. You can secure your bus ticket from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne online at

Phuong Trang or Tam Hanh (corner of De Tham & Pham Ngu Lao)- Both leave HCMC around 7.30am and take around 5- 6 hours depending on traffic. Phuong Trang will take you on to your chosen accommodation. Cost is $6 each way. Both coaches leave from Pham Ngu Lao Street near the corner of De Tham St.

Please note that traffic is very bad on Saturday and Sunday. It took ages just to get out of Ho Chi Minh. The first 2 hours will probably be crawling at around 40-50 km an hour until you pass through the industrial towns of Bien Hoa and Trang Bom. Then it is faster. Just bring a book or ipad and lots of patience.

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