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Hoi An to Hue by Bus

Bus from Hoi An to Hue

There are many local bus companies like Sinh café, An Phu, Hanh Café that run this route Hoi An to Hue.  Price: 7 usd.

Bus schedule from Hoi An to Hue

Sinh café: 8.00 AM and 1.30 AM. Duration: 3.30 hours
An Phu: 8.00 AM and 1.30 AM. Duration: 3.30 hours

Advantage of taking bus

- Direct transfer from hoi an center to hue center.
- Save money and time.
- Convenience because bus station is near hotels

Disadvantage of taking bus 

- Boring trip as bus goes over the new expressway
- Miss out on all the most scenic bits at Hai Van Pass. it's absolutely stunning scenery and views for miles if you take the 'high road' over the pass.
- Sleeping bus is not suitable for tall people

If you bring large luggage, don’t worry. Bus has a luggage department underneath the bus. Bus drop you off a hotel at Hue so you need to find your own way to your hotels. Many “xe om” drivers are waiting for you. Always bargain!

How does the bus look like?

The lay-out of the bus is 3 rows - one on each side with windows, and a middle row. You have a little alcove whereby you are supposed to be able to lie down & sleep. Bus has toilet inside

If you travel during festival or peak season, booking ahead 1 month is good idea. You can book bus ticket from Hoi An to Hue online at They will send you and e-code and you only need to bring your passport to check in with Sinh café staff.

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